The Sustainable Knowledge (SK) Platform will provide a comprehensive, flexible, and transparent system designed to facilitate the generation of knowledge under optimal conditions of quality, efficiency, and non-redundancy.

The SK Platform comprises an array of interconnected tools covering every stage of the development and dissemination of evidence-based products, such as systematic reviews, overviews of reviews, and guidelines. The platform accommodates diverse review types, methodological approaches, team workflows, and presentation formats, effectively addressing the requirements of numerous review teams and end-users.

About SK Platform

Epistemonikos Foundation has introduced the concept of "Sustainable Knowledge," a term coined to embody knowledge generated under conditions of optimal quality, efficiency, and non-redundancy. The SK Platform is currently being designed and developed with the aim of realizing this vision.

At the core of this platform lies the ambition to create a system that fosters an ecosystem transparently built upon the contributions of others, leading to time and resource savings. Furthermore, it seamlessly incorporates artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies across all phases of the process, maximizing efficiency and facilitating living evidence synthesis processes and other pioneering methodologies.

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